General Information


Costa Rica is a world of nature offering many water and land activities like fishing, snorkeling, diving, sailing, volcano tours, beach trips, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, white water rafting, floating Safari tours, hiking, zip lining, hot springs & Spa, waterfalls, catamaran and many other activities for you to enjoy in all different environments as the cloud, rainy and dry forest.

Diamante Eco Adventure Park


Diamante is a great adventure park and animal sanctuary just at 30 minutes-drive away from Playa del Coco and 40 minutes-drives away from Hermosa area. 


A great Full Day Package Tour is offered here that includes: The longest zip lining in all Central America with a mile distance that you will enjoy as Superman position, and 4 additional cables, all with last technology breaking system, part of it you do a 40 fee free fall, a Tarzan swing, and you will be finishing at the animal sanctuary, walking on a suspension bridge that cross over the Crocodile lagoon. Additional you will have a guided tour all over the Sanctuary where you will see snakes, monkeys, sloths, cats, butterflies, frogs & humming birds gardens, Iguanas, Turtles, Toucans and more!!. Includes a guided walk at a Botanical garden with medicinal and endemic plants. After all these, a delicious buffet Lunch await for you at the Restaurant in the lobby. As part of the packages they offer there is also water activities as Kayaking, Standup Paddle board and Snorkeling that complements your beautiful day at this magnificent place.


 Starting time:  9:00am

 Returns:             3:00 PM

What to bring

 Sandals, swimsuits, towel, sunscreen, bug repellant, sunglasses, and a set of dry clothes.

These are the different types of daily passes they offer:

Aerial Pass:   Diamante’s zip line course is Costa Rica’s only ocean view dual zip line. Get the most ride time in Guanacaste and enjoy the ocean views as you fly along! Includes 4 lines of zip line (Restrictions on zipline: 60 pounds min. weight, 280 pounds max. weight)

Discovery Pass + Cultural Experience (add on) : Combine the Animal Sanctuary and the Cultural Tour to experience the real Costa Rica. Guests can interact with animals with up-close viewing and learn about their needs from licensed biologists. Includes self-guided visit to the Animal Sanctuary, Cultural Experience, Botanical Garden and Jungle Course

Adventure Pass:  Experience it all! Diamante’s Adventure Pass allows you the opportunity to experience a full day of Costa Rica adventure and activities, from zip lining to beach activities, and more:

Zip line – 5 lines including the hanging bridge over the crocodiles
Animal Sanctuary
Cultural Experience
Botanical Garden
Jungle Course
Hammock Beach: Kayaks, Snorkeling, Stand Up Paddle 
Free Buffet Lunch, Coffee, Fruit and Drinks


Additional Activities: 

ATV: exhilarating adventure through Costa Rican trails! - 1 Hour Tour. (Restrictions: children 6-16 years old, ride only with an adult on ATV double) 





Borinquen Deluxe Canopy and Hot Springs

Well, you better be ready for this!!  We're going to see an active Volcano, Rincón de la Vieja. Once we arrive at the volcano, we will ride horses for 40 minutes in order to get to the Canopy Experience. At the Canopy, there will be ten different cables, set up at the edge of a canyon and overlooking a waterfall.  Fun, adrenaline and safety will allow you to observe the forest from a different perspective:  The Top!!! A delicious lunch a la carte awaits you to celebrate being back on the ground!! At the afternoon, what better than a SPA! Natural Fumarole Steam Room, volcanic mud bath, hot springs and pools, all provided by Mother Nature will definitely heal your body and soul. When you are ready, we take you back.  Liberia City is on the way, so if you wish, and we are happy to make a stop for shopping or anything you need.



What to bring:

Hiking shoes, shorts, t-shirts, an extra set of dry clothes, dark swimming suit (because of the volcanic mud), bug repellant, camera (and a big smile!), copy of your passport and a photo ID.

Tour includes:

Bilingual guide, canopy gear and guides, horseback riding, lunch, SPA with: mud bath - steam room - hot springs, towels and water.











Buena Vista Combo Experience

Let us take care of all the transportation to and from our magnificent volcano - allowing you to more fully enjoy Guanacaste. Once you're there, we have prepared several great activities for you on this day at Rincon de la Vieja Volcano:


  1. Canopy Ride & Water Slide - The canopy has 10 different cables and a 1000 ft long water slide through the forest.
  2. Delicious lunch will be served.
  3. Sabanero time!!!  Yes, you ride horses at this beautiful Volcano, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
  4. SPA: Hot Springs, Mud Baths, Steam Room and standards pools - towels and locker are provided.


Departs: 07:30 AM

Returns: 05:00 PM


What to bring:

Hiking shoes, comfortable clothing as well as an extra set of dry clothes, swimsuit, bug repellant, sunglasses, camera, copy of your passport and a picture ID.


Tour includes:

Ground transportation with A/C, bilingual guide, canopy tour, horseback riding, water slide, mud bath, hot spring, steam room, lunch and cooler with water and soft drinks.





Palo Verde National Park


This is a must do tour. We will drive through back roads, sugar cane fields, local towns, culture and more. We will arrive at the third longest river in Costa Rica named Rio Tempisque. This river ends at Nicoya Gulf and when the Pacific Ocean goes on high tide, the ocean takes over part of this river, providing a tremendous change in the water, fish, vegetation and wildlife. We will cruise through Palo Verde National Park in a roofed motor boat for 2 hours - a great way to experience wildlife including monkeys, crocodiles, exotics birds, bats, big iguanas and more. We always say that lunch is the best part of the tour and this package includes a 100% authentic Costa Rican meal, cooked on a wooden stove, mmmm…yummy! On the way back to your hotel, stops will be made for souvenir shopping or anything that you may need. Please, let us know.


 Departs:07:30 AM

 Returns:02:00 PM


 What to bring:

 Light clothing, comfortable shoes or sandals, sunscreen, bug repellant, camera, hat, a copy of your passport and a photo ID.


Tour includes:

 A/C ground transportation, bilingual guide, boat ride, lunch, and a cooler with water and juices.






Hiking at Rincón de la Vieja Volcano National Park

Leaving your hotel and the low lands, we will drive by local towns, and Guanacaste Savannas. At the Volcano and National Park you walk for 2 1/2 hours through a great forest, observing: birds, monkeys, white-nosed coatis, butterflies, a 40 foot water fall (rainy season), and secondary volcanic activity like: fumaroles, several sulfur hot springs and boiling mud.  Right before your eyes - this is definitely an unusual photo opportunity. The hike is quite a work out - please make sure you are ready for it standing on the volcano, at 1800 ft. from sea level the view to the Pacific Coast is very memorable. Several stops on the way will be made for capturing this view in your camera and your soul once we leave this volcano, you are going to the city of Liberia for a great lunch. We give you some free time to explore Liberia city. Shopping local coffee and local liquor as well as souvenirs shops.


Departs:07:30 AM

Returns:03:00 PM


What to bring: Hiking shoes, an extra dry set of dry clothes, rain gear, bug repellant, sunscreen, camera, copy of your passport and a photo ID.

Tour includes: A/C ground transportation, bilingual guide, fee entrance to the park, lunch, shopping time, a cooler with water and juices.






Cortez Waterfall Trip

Let’s go for great time.  During this tour, you will experience the beautiful Catarata Cortez Waterfall.  There is a very short walk to get to the bottom from this 40 ft. falls, there you will be able to swim and hang out for some time meanwhile enjoy the relaxing breeze and noise of the water. After that, you will be taken to the City of Liberia, where different shops, souvenirs, local markets with the best coffee and Costa Rican liquor prices are available. If you like, while you are in Liberia, a restaurant will be recommended for lunch (not included) Departure time is your choice - approximate length of tour: 6 hrs.


Departs: 09:00 AM.

Returns: 03:00 PM


What to bring

Comfortable clothes and shoes, swimsuit, and towels. Please bring your passport. (There is a check point on the way).


Tour includes

A/C ground transportation, driver-guide and a cooler with ice (feel free to fill it up).






Horseback Riding Tours

We specialized in Private and Taylor Made Horse Tours, we currently offer our services in Peninsula papagayo, Matapalo Beach and at our Farm in Coco Beach. We guarantee that you will enjoy a unique and professional experience with any of our tours; our guides are English spoken and professional equestrian riders.

1-Ocean View Adventure: 

Located in our property, 80 acre in the heart of Coco Beach Town, ride from 1 hour to 1 hour and a half, one true equestrian adventure. Experience with ocean view and paths in the mountains. Duration time of the ride depends on the experience and number of people on the ride. Open for children of 8 years in ahead. Excellent opportunity for gallop through the mountains.

2-Dreamy Beach Ride: 

Discover horseback riding at Matapalo Beach, easy and entertaining, 1 hour ride on the beach, almost all the land is flat, no previous experience required. Reservations are required. Ride times depend on the daily tides.

3-Sunset BBQ Wonders: 

Enjoy the Sunset with a delicious BBQ: discover one hour tour with ocean view, watching the sunset from the mountains of Coco Beach, then return to relax with a BBQ in wood fire (Includes 1 national beer, a bottle of water, beef, green salad, mashed potatoes, mashed beans and chips, all served by a private waiter). Enjoy some farm games, per our rescue horses and enjoy a BBQ with traditional Costa Rican food. Vegetarian option available with prior reservations.

4-Exceptional Cabuyal Beach: 

An authentic adventure only on horseback, walks through a ranch of 5000 acres overlooking the sea, with 2 km of white sand beach, an opportunity Unique to gallop along the beach. Bottle of water included. Reservations are required. Ride times depend on daily tides.  (There is a 3 pax minimum due to horse transport expenses).

5-If you only prefer a short ride, feel free to request a 30min ride on the farm.






Arenal Volcano Hot Springs + Rain Forest Waterfall + Eco Farm Danaus.

The day starts early but have no worries, we will stop along the way for you to enjoy a delicious breakfast. Following breakfast, your day will begin at the amazing Danaus Eco Farm. As you journey through the farm (guided tour, easy walk, 1 hour), keep an eye out for lazy sloths, beautiful birds, a variety of butterflies in the butterfly garden and more.  Next you will venture on to the La Fortuna Waterfall (walk medium difficulty, 1 hr).  The 180 foot waterfall is a powerful sight to see and the perfect place to swim or just relax.  Time to refuel, and what better way than having lunch overlooking the magnificent Arenal Volcano. Your last visit will take you swimming in the natural hot springs of the active Arenal Volcano.


What to bring

Hiking shoes, comfortable clothes and an extra dry set of clothes, rain gear, swim suit, insect repellant and camera, copy of your passport and a photo ID.

Tour includes

A/C ground transportation, bilingual guide, a walk in the forest, lunch, hot springs experience, towel, lockers, Breakfast, Lunch, a cooler with water and juices.






Arenal Volcano Hot Springs + Hanging Bridges.

In order to take advantage of this great day. You departure is early in the morning.  A delicious breakfast serve along the way. Once you are there, your first visit will be at The Hanging Bridges, this is about 2 ½ hrs. Medium difficulty hike, It´s a great experience!!  A great lunch, overlooking the magnificent Volcano, awaits you. During the afternoon, you are taken to swim in natural hot springs provided by this active volcano.  About 4:30 pm. We start driving back.

(Visibility of the Volcano depends on weather conditions, remember this is the rain forest).


Departs: 6:30 AM.

Returns: 08:30 PM


What to bring

Hiking shoes, comfortable clothes and an extra dry set of clothes, rain gear, swim suit, insect repellant and camera, copy of your passport and a photo ID.

Tour includes

A/C ground transportation, bilingual guide, a walk in the forest, lunch, hot springs experience, towel, lockers, Breakfast, Lunch, a cooler with water and juices.






Arenal Deluxe Tour

This incredible trip takes you from the Pacific Coast to the Rain Forest and Hanging Bridges at Arenal Volcano. As your departure time is early in the morning, a stop will be made on the way for breakfast (cost included in package).

Once we arrive in Arenal you will enjoy the Rain Forest by walking on Hanging Bridges. This hike is 1.5 miles and takes approximately 2½hrs. Right after, you are taken to the town of La Fortuna town for some free time to shop and have a great lunch (cost included as part of your package). Then pick one between La Fortuna Waterfall or Danaus Eco Farm to do during the afternoon, then y 3:00pm, you are taken to Tabacon Hot Springs Resort and Spa, one of the world's most beautiful Natural River Hot Springs around the world. A locker and towel is provided for each guest.  By 6:00 pm, we start the drive back to the coast.


Departs: 06:00 AM. 

Returns: 09:00 PM


What to bring: Hiking shoes, comfortable clothes and an extra dry set of clothes, rain gear, swim suit, insect repellant and camera, copy of your passport and a photo ID.


Tour includes

A/C ground transportation, bilingual guide, a walk in the forest, lunch, hot springs experience, towel, lockers, Breakfast, Lunch, a cooler with water and juices.






Waterfall Rio Celeste Hiking, Butter Fly Garden and Sloths


The legend of the waters of Rio Celeste Waterfall says that when God finished painting the sky, he washed the Brushes in the water of this river.  The beautiful Rio Celeste is formed by the confluence of two rivers: Quebrada Agria and Buena Vista, in the Rain Forest of the Tenorio Volcano. The beautiful sky blue color of this river is because of the dispersion of sunlight in combination with a high concentration of aluminum silicates.  This is a sight you don't want to miss!


The drive from your hotel is about 2 1/2 hrs. Once you arrive, you will experience a 2 hour hike in the rain forest to reach the waterfall and return. It is medium difficulty hike.


Following the waterfall, a great lunch will be served so you can refuel!


During the afternoon, you are taken to Finca Verde.  This place is beautiful.  You'll explore the nature of Costa Rica with beautiful flowers, a butterfly garden and sloths.


Departs: 07:30 AM

Returns: 04:00 PM


What to bring: Hiking/water shoes, comfortable clothes, rain gear, insect repellent, camera, copy of passport, sandals, and photo ID.


Tour includes: A/C ground transportation, bilingual guide, a hike to waterfall rain forest, lunch, Finca Verde and a cooler with water.






Tenorio River Rafting Class III-IV

If there are some things that we are known for in Costa Rica is White Water Rafting. In the Guanacaste area, we have the good fortune to enjoy The River Tenorio, especially during the rainy season. This river offers a true rush traveling in this III - IV class rapid. The approximate time on the water is about 2 ½ hrs, riding great rapids, and swimming in river pools. Snacks at the river will be provided. Once this exhilarating tour is over, we have you prepare a delicious lunch, as part of your package. The minimum age is 12 years old.

Departs: 07:30 AM

Returns: 04:00 PM


What to bring:

Water shoes or tie up sandals, swimming gear, sunscreen, a set of dry clothes, camera, copy of passport and photo ID.


Tour includes

A/C ground transportation, bilingual guide, gear and guide for rafting, snacks, lunch, and a cooler with water.






Monteverde Cloud Forest

Monteverde is more of a scenic experience – we stop on the way for having breakfast, once we arrive we will take you to a butterfly and hummingbird garden tour, and then walk through the cloud forest for about an hour, followed by a delicious lunch.

During the afternoon, you are taken to a Coffee Plantation and a working Agriculture Farm. It is a Guided Tour!!! Here you will be taken to a coffee plantation and factory where you will see the process of growing and making Costa Rican coffee.

Tour includes: a/c transportation, bilingual guide, admission tickets to the reserve, walkways and suspension bridges, hummingbird and butterfly garden, Breakfast, lunch and Cooler of water. FYI Driving time for this tour is approximately 3.5 hours each way. The road is a little bumpy and a portion of it is dirt road.


Departs: 06:30 AM

Returns: 06:00 PM


What to bring

Shorts, hiking shoes, sunscreen, repellant, rain gear,  camera, an extra set of clothes, copy of your passport and a photo ID and the Extreme in You!






Exuberance Nicaragua

For many years, Nicaragua has been unknown as a tourist destination. Today you have the opportunity to visit this new tourist attraction to discover the beauty of this country, its people, its lakes and its active volcanoes. Experience one of the oldest colonial and colorful cities of Central America: Granada. Its original architecture makes you go back in time and a visit to the active Masaya volcano will make this trip unforgettable.

We plan to have you back to your hotel by 8:00 pm.


Departs: 05:30 AM

Returns: 08:00 PM


What to bring:

Passport valid for 6 months, two copies of your itinerary flights information. Comfortable traveling cloths, a set of dry cloths. Comfortable shoes, this trip goes not involves hard walking.

Tour includes: a/c transportation, bilingual guide, border fees, entrance to the Masaya Volcano (an active volcano), shopping in Masaya Market, entrance fee to La Merced tower, boat ride to little island at the Nicaraguan lake, Granada city tour, breakfast and lunch.  

Note: We need to have at least 6 people to operate this tour. Let us know time in advance to put you on hold list.  

ATV and Beach Hopping Tour

There are two combinations we can offer you:


First option:

If you are looking for some acceleration, this is it! This is a guided tour, driving on dirt roads, up and down hills, and along the beach and beautiful coast of Guanacaste. Due the roughness of the roads, we recommend only one person per ATV’s. However, a second person can ride on the back.


Departs: 9:30 AM


What to bring:

Light clothes, closed-toed shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, copy of passport and photo ID.

Tour includes:

Transportation, ATV´s, guide, and water.



Second option:

We will drive for 30 minutes in a van towards the started point, where we will get on the quads ready to ride...Enjoy the feeling of driving up and down mountains and hills, of being surrounded by the luxuriant vegetation of the forest. After this ride, we will be visiting a total of 5 different beaches including some pristine and secluded ones. One of the nicest is Playa Conchal, known for its white sand and little shells mix. We will ride at the beach and through mountain trails and hills. Get ready to enjoy of some breathtaking ocean views!!


Pick up Time: 9: 30 am.


What to bring:

Light clothes, closed-toed shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, copy of passport and photo ID.


Tour includes:  Transportation, ATV´s, guide, and water.






Electric Mountain Biking Tours

This is a great innovation on the industry of the Mountain biking for those who are not very active talking about workout, but would love to explore this beautiful combination area of mountain, beach and lookouts riding a mountain bike. An effective, safe and efficient bicycle will make this trip unforgettable and will do all the hard work for you. Very steep hills never were that easy to climb on a bike. This type of technology gives you the extra resistance that your legs normally require on an extreme mountain biking tour. Enjoy the power of your BOSCH Performance 250W electrical engine on your bike. Just graduate it to your resistance level.


For those who are used to mountain biking, this phenomenal type of bike has the option to turn off the engine or just adjust it as you require it while going through.


It’s time to exceed your limits!!!


Option # 1: (1 hour) easy Level - 2 pax min.

This tour is intended for you to discover the Pura Vida lifestyle around Coco and Ocotal.

Across easy trails you will become familiar with your electric bike and will effortlessly reach the most beautiful scenery in Guanacaste.


Departure: 8:00am





Fresh mineral water


Option #2: (2-3 hours) – Category EASY – 4 pax min.

Coco - Ocotal / sceneries and beaches (the one we did the first time with Jeffry in full)

Coco- Cacique / sceneries and beaches (the one we did today)

Coco-Sardinal / Typical Guanacaste  life style trail.


Departure: 8:00am.



Bilingual Guide

Briefing with a coffee

Helmet – Backpack- Glove – Water

Stop by a beach for a swim or just a rest (except Coco Sardinal)

Sardinal area typical soda (only Coco Sardinal)

Upon return, a breakfast/brunch will be served at “Autentico” Café.


Option #3: (4 hours) - Category EASY – MEDIUM - 4 pax min.

LAS PILAS WATERFALLS / same as Coco Sardinal + the Las Pilas waterfall trail

MATAPALO BEACH/ same as Coco Sardinal + the trail to Matapalo or Congo trail.


Departure: 8:00am.



Bilingual Guide

Briefing with a coffee

Helmet – Backpack- Glove – Water

All way car assistance with your belonging, fresh water Repair kit

Stop by a beach or river or waterfall for a swim or only for a rest

Upon return, a breakfast/brunch will be served at “Autentico” Café


Note: For an extra fee you can add Congo Trail Zip Lining. In this Case the tour will be 1 hour and a half longer.

Fishing Tour, Snorkeling and BBQ Pic Nic

As part of your vacation, I will be happy to offer you a great boat adventure for fishing, snorkeling and a great BBQ Pic Nic on a secluded beach (optional)!


Costa Rica has some of the best deep-sea sport fishing all over the world. Catch sailfish, mahi-mahi, wahoo, tuna, roosterfish and mackerel all year long. Marlin and sailfish really stays for 8 months a year.

This is a private tour for your entire experience, won’t be shared with other customers. Our tours are special for any group regardless of age. Our 28ft boat “Racoon” features an outboard Susuki 140hp motor, a cabin, shaded area, fresh water, bathroom, cushioned sitting, fish finder, GPS and outriggers are very comfortable. All of the fishing tours normally includes natural juices, sodas, beers, mineral water, sandwiches, snacks, tropical fruit, etc. Upon request besides fishing, we can add to the trip snorkeling and a private beach BBQ Pic Nic.






Deluxe Fishing Tour

Another nice option, is a 33 ft. cruiser, which is big enough for 10 people, 6 people for fishing comfortably. The boat features a 2 inboard Cummins motors, bathroom, fighting chair, fresh water, cushioned indoor sitting, fish finder, GPS and outriggers.

This fishing tour also includes natural juices, sodas, beers, mineral water, sandwiches, snacks, tropical fruit, etc. Besides fishing, we add to the trip snorkeling and a beach BBQ Pic Nic at a secluded beach. Full service all-inclusive.

 ***This tour can be done as a sunset cruise or can be combined with Standup Paddle Boarding, Please request a quote for the boards!






Sunset Catamaran Tour

Our tour begins from the beach at the Playa Coco where we board the 28 foot Mini Marlin for transport to the Marlin del Rey 65 ft. anchored 100 yards off shore. Once on board an introductory speech is given, the anchor is pulled and we begin our motor sail to one of the many pristine beaches in the area.


En route to our secluded beach we look for turtles, dolphins, flying fish or whales. We will also cast a line off the back in the hopes of hooking a yellow fin tuna, mahi mahi or maybe even a sailfish. We eventually pull into a secluded bay and drop anchor,  Snorkel equipment is provided and our guests are given an hour to swim among the rocky reefs looking for exotic sea life. Some of the more common animals seen include tangs, puffers, porcupine fish, eels, starfish, rays and seahorses.


Guests are free to use one of the two ocean kayaks and explore the coastline or paddle to shore and walk the deserted white sand beach. While our guests enjoy the bay, the crew prepares snacks and an open bar is offered during the duration of the tour. Following snacks we pull anchor, raise the sails and casually motor sail across the bay. We arrive at our final anchor location as the sun nears the horizon and the sky explodes into a multitude of colors and you disembark as the sun sinks below the horizon.


Departs: 01:30 PM

Returns: 06:00 PM


What to bring:

Sandals, swimsuits, towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a set of dry clothes.


Tour includes: 

Transportation to and from the boat, boat, water guide, snorkeling equipment, snacks and open bar.











Sailing Sunset Cruise


This is an unforgettable and real Sailing Tour, The Spirit of the Ocean is a 43ft Sail Boat with enough capacity, it fits 16 people comfortable, highly equipped in security, a Captain with an international patent of navigation and professional employees to assure an exemplary personalized service.


It features 2 shaded internal lounges, a big space to relax while take the sun, and two bathrooms. The tour include sail adventure, open bar, snacks, fresh fruit, chips, guacamole, Sandwiches, salad bar, live music, 2 fish lines, a guide for snorkeling plus the gear.


This tour starts at Coco, but can pick you up at Hermosa Beach as well, and the tour is possible during the Morning (8:00am -12pm) or as a Sunset tour (2:00pm-6pm).


Note: Available for private tours where you can include a great Lunch BBQ on the beach. Please ask for great rates.


What to bring:

Sandals, swimsuits, towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a set of dry clothes.


Tour includes:

Boat, water guide, snorkeling equipment, snacks and open bar.






Surfing Tour

Costa Rica is well known for many locations for surfing and Guanacaste is one of those. We can provide the surfing experience you are looking for, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert.


We take to you to beaches that you drive to it such as Playa Tamarindo, Playa Negra or Playa Avellanas. We also take you to those that can only be gotten to by water, including the most wanted: Witches Rock and Ollie’s Point. Our 26 ft. boat is well equipped, with a canopy, a cooler with water, snacks, fruits and knowledgeable captain. You will not only enjoy great waves but incredible scenery along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The tour leaves according the tides. This tour is customized, so please let us know how can we make this a great surfing day.


Request a Tour Quote:




Scuba Diving Tour

The Gulf of Papagayo offers some of the Pacific Ocean’s most interesting marine diversity. The plankton-rich waters support numerous species from big to small. On any given day you may see frogfish, harlequin clown shrimp, seahorses, and octopus, or you might have a lucky encounter with schooling eagle rays, white tip reef sharks, giant Pacific manta rays, or a passing whale shark. It is a great place to study animal behavior, and the perfect location to be in the middle of the action.


Our local dive sites are all found within a 15 minute boat ride of our Playa Ocotal location. They include sites such as Tortuga, Argentina Point, Supressa, Monkey Head, Turning Point, Shark Shallows, Punta Gorda, the Aquarium, and Palmares to name but a few. There are approximately 30 local dive sites at which our divemasters and captains are expert guides. Water temperatures and visibility range incredibly in our waters. It is not uncommon for temperatures to change by as much as 5 degrees celsius on any given day. There are often extreme thermoclines which also are very hard to predict. The water generally is warm enough that a 3mm wetsuit will suffice. The visibility is also quite hard to predict. In the dry season the visibility can range from 10-70 feet, and again can change almost daily. The massive changes that occur here are what makes the marine life so abundant and diverse.


The Catalinas are situated about a half hour boat ride from our location at Playa Ocotal and offer your best chance to swim with the Pacific Giant Mantas in Costa Rica. The Catalinas’ are an isolated group of islands, south of our dive shop.. They are perfect places for large schools of fish, rays, and other marine life to congregate. The huge prize is to swim with the Pacific Giant Manta whose wing span can be wider than a vehicle is long. These can be found in the Catalinas for most of the year. There has also been occasional whale shark and orca whale sightings in the area. Sightings of the humpback whale and dolphins are also quite common.

Visibility in the Catalinas ranges throughout the year, however, the best visibility can often be found from the months of May through November.


The Bat Islands are a world class dive location that has been protected by the Costa Rican government. The Islands are located in the far north of Costa Rica and are at the edge of Santa Rosa National Park. These islands are one of the only places in Costa Rica that you can dive with the bull sharks. The dive sites are approximately a 50 minute trip with our boat from our Playa Ocotal location. Because of the protected status and the remote location, this area is absolutely full of marine life. The schools of fish are bigger in numbers and size at the Bat Islands. You can encounter schools of devil rays which can be into the thousands. You can also find the Manta Rays at some of the dive locations as well as several different species of rays, sharks, turtles, eels, and too many fish to mention. When you book with Rocket Frog Divers you are booking with the best dive shop in Costa Rica. We will work with you to give you the custom trip of your dreams! Let us take you scuba diving in Costa Rica!


Diving tours are from 8am to 12pm.






Stand Up Paddle Board Tour

This tour is done in playa Panamá, the company provide transportation from you rental place. Normally the pick up time is at 6:45am since we suggest this time because latter will be too hot, but later is possible too. The tour is for about 2 hrs, including guide, board, tropical fruit & water.







Leave here any question about our tours